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Today we learn how to quickly build a Coming Soon Landing Page with Thrive Themes for WordPress. It’s the best way to build an audience before you launch your blog.

Using a Coming Soon Landing Page with a lead generator is a useful tool for beginners. You don’t want people to visit your website when it’s incomplete. You do want to take advantage of the time you spend building your blog before launch.

Using WordPress with Thrive Themes, we’ll design a Coming Soon Landing Page in just a few minutes. Then we will configure the opt-in form, or Lightbox with our Mailchimp API.

Finally we will set it as the homepage and test the lead generator to make sure it’s working properly.

STEP 1: Add The Coming Soon Page
In WordPress click the Add Page tab and fill in the title with Coming Soon. Then click Publish. After the page publishes click the green Launch Thrive Architect button at the top of the page.

STEP 2: Make Changes To Text And Images
Once you’re in the Thrive Architect editor, choose a template as shown in the video. Edit the desired fields on the template.

STEP 3 : Edit Your Lightbox
When you’re editing the landing page you will have to highlight the contact button to make edits to your Lightbox.

When you open the Lightbox editor you can connect your Mailchimp API to the opt-in form. Save your changes in both the Lightbox editor and the theme template editor.

STEP 4: Testing The Opt-in Form
It’s always necessary to test your opt-in form to make sure it works. You’ll be pretty upset if you sent hundreds of visitors to your landing page only to find out that you made a mistake in the process.

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